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What Can I Do?

Server Mangement

Server Managing

I was the founder of FreeServer and I'm currently running CheapServer, which both are server hosting. I have a knowledge of operating Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) system, more biased towards networking applications. I also learnt some about anti-DDoS, which I provides it here.
(btw, yes, that's btop in the screen)


Coding & Development

I developed few discord bots and scripts - with python. In my GitHub page, there's some projects that I developed. I also know how to code HTML and some CSS...although they're not programming languages. 



I've played Minecraft for years. I am good at almost everything.
For PVP, I love to play Bedwars and The bridge, I'm currently 250 stars in Bedwars.
For survival, I have a SMP called nelson SMP, and it's now the version 4 of it. In the past worlds, it's been lots of wars and cooperations and finally lots of great buildings and redstone machines were done. It created a lot of memories of my life.
For commands, I almost know every command of the game and how to use it. From normal /give command to huge map building with command blocks, there's hardly a thing that I can't done.
I have years of experiences with Minecraft server hosting, and I also know how to use plugins.



I love to make animations and 3D rendering. For example, all of the photos on this page are rendered by me. I also do stop-motion animations, I have a YouTube channel that is full of it...but it's too cringe so I don't wanna put it here lol. I also post my minecraft animations on my Instagram, you can find it in contacts page.

My Experiences

Mobirise Website Builder
FreeServer - Owner
March 2022 ~ July 2022

A free hosting for Minecraft and bots, with huge starter resources (1 core CPU, 4GB of Ram, 10GB of Disk). Unfortunately, we ended it due to the end of the cooperation with Fast-Line, the anti-DDoS provider.

Mobirise Website Builder
CheapServer - Owner
August 2022 ~ now

A very cheap Minecraft Hosting in Taiwan. Provides great price and performances.
visit the website and order it now!

Mobirise Website Builder
Nelson SMP - Owner
July 2019 ~ Now

Just a Minecraft SMP for me and my friends to play. There's too many things to tell here.

Mobirise Website Builder
Highscraft (High School SMP) - Owner
September 2021 ~ February 2022

I created this for senior high school students in Taiwan to play together and meet together. There was once  34 people online at the same time. I stopped it because I was tired.

Mobirise Website Builder
MLGRush - Owner
January 2021 ~ May 2021

I first created this because there's no MLGRush servers in Asia, which provides low-ping to me, so I made it myself. I rent some Singapore servers and started to run it, and the server has 5000 players joined. I ended it not just because I stopped to play MLGrush, but also there's so many of MLGRush servers in Asia now.

Mobirise Website Builder
Lots of Minecraft Servers - Admin
A long time ~ Now

I help a lot of Minecraft servers from hosting to plugin issues. I don't want to list it here cuz I'm lazy lol.

Mobirise Website Builder